Catuaba Aphrodisiac (liquid or capsules)

Catuaba Aphrodisiac (liquid or capsules)

Fun fact about Richard: aphrodisiacs are a minor specialty. He did a lot of traveling for a documentary on natural enhancers used around the world.

A popular expression in Brazil is that until a father is 60, the son is his; after that, the son belongs to catuaba. What does an Amazonian flowering tree have to do with anything? Well, its bark is said to contain alkaloids that improve libido, widen blood vessels, create a greater sense of calm, and even enhance sensitivity to your brain's own pleasure drug - dopamine.

Which makes Catuaba potentially useful to women as well as men.

Catuaba is also valued for its reported uses against anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue - even memory loss. Try it - and create some memories of your own!

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