MagKidz Magnesium (90 chewables)

MagKidz Magnesium (90 chewables)

Kids like these non-GMO, sugar-free chewables. Get 50 mg of magnesium per tablet, in a bioavailable form that's also free of sugar, soy, milk, wheat, yeast, preservatives, or artificial colors.

Many adults who want to be less jumpy, with better energy, and in a better mood use magnesium. Now, your kids can benefit too!

"MagKidz provides a superior form of magnesium for muscle calming, as well as for strong healthy bones, healthy growth and development and general well-being."

Tip: We prefer to divide hand-outs into morning and lunch vitamins, in order to help keep levels up during the day. Finish by adding our pure Magnesium Chloride crystals to the child's end-of-day bath, making bedtime easier for everyone and improving nightly sleep.

As always, keep yummy supplements of any kind out of your child's easy reach.