Oral Magnesium (120 Capsules)

Oral Magnesium (120 Capsules)

If you take magnesium orally and transdermally, you get the best results. 

Orally, Richard recommends Magnesium Biglycinate. Your body will absorb it better, and the chelated form is designed to prevent the product from acting as a stool softener.

Bluebonnet puts 100 mg in each of their vegetable-based capsules, which are much easier to swallow than competing products that use large, hard pills.

Because they're vegan and have no nuts, yeast, gluten, or sugar, these supplements are compatible with any dietary preference.

The recommended dose is 2 pills per day. You'll get a bit more out of them if you split that into 1 capsule with breakfast, and another before bed.