Mrs. L, mother of 3 from Sacremento, CA: – Remarkable Redwood Remedies

Mrs. L, mother of 3 from Sacremento, CA:

"Last month my family and I were in your town visiting relatives and my 7 year old daughter got another one of her horrible migraine headaches followed by extreme nausea.... My sister wasted no time in buying your magnesium crystals and fixing my daughter a nice relaxing bath. It was like a miracle within 20 minutes of her bath she screamed "mommy I think this stuff is working...I feel a lot better!" 

She takes a magnesium bath every night before bed and has not had another migraine since we started using your product, we stopped giving her the medicine.... [Our] doctor has read the research and has changed his opinion of magnesium for migraines and wanted to know where he could purchase the product.... Thanks from both me and my now pain free daughter."