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Our Story

Mike Macallair

After years of playing sports and going through knee operations, my knees were in constant pain. So I did what so many people do here - I went to talk to my friend Richard. After a week of footbaths with his pure Magnesium Chloride crystals, the pain went away. Richard and I started this business shortly thereafter, in 2009.

    - Mike Macallair


Richard's Remarkable Redwood Remedies (R3 Remedies) sells health products that are designed to improve your life. The world's best form of magnesium has been our business for over 10 years, but we wanted to step beyond.

People here know Richard, and they value his ability to suggest health alternatives that work for them. His counsel doesn't replace a doctor's advice, but this kind of friendly conversation is something we wanted to express better online. 

We're located in Felton among the Central California Coast's iconic trees, but the power of the Internet lets us bring our products and our expertise to a wider market. 

Explore new solutions that may help you take your life to the next level!