Remarkable Redwood Remedies | Ethics & Policies

Ethics & Policies

Your health and happiness are R3 Remedies' first priority, and we want to be on the same page with you. On this page, we go over:

  1. Service Policy & Returns
  2. Customer Data & Confidentiality
  3. R3 and the Environment
  4. Affiliate Items


Service Policy & Returns

Shipping generally takes about a week, given the methods we use. If it has been longer than 10-14 days, please contact us.

Our policy is that if there's a problem - with delivery, with a product, or whatever - tell us because we want to make it right.

Our preference is for human judgement, doing what's reasonable and fair.

If you have a problem with a shipped item, it's very important to tell us quickly. Many shippers have very short windows for filing claims, and once that window of time closes we may not be able to help.

Unreasonable requests like trying to return a 6-month old item, or asking us to replace something you broke yourself... we may not go for that. Likewise, fraud on the Internet is a thing. We take steps to protect ourselves and our legitimate customers, and we hope you'll never see those steps. If you do, apologies in advance - talk to us.

If you have a reasonable problem, we'll go out of our way to find a reasonable solution.

Phone us at 831-427-2853, or email service@... ( Talk to us before shipping anything, then the address is:

R3 Remedies
P.O. Box 657
Felton, CA 95018


Your Data & Confidentiality

Customer Data: We'll never sell our email addresses or customer list to other entities, nor will we give them away.

We might provide some businesses access to our customers through us. As an example, we might let them insert an item like a coupon in our newsletter. But we're not going to spam you with emails from other people. Our relationship with you is our first priority.

Sometimes, our technical people or contracted services will work with our customer data as part of their role. The data is ours, not theirs, and we make that crystal clear to them.

Confidentiality: Any email addresses or any other personal information that is sent to us via email or contact form is and will remain private. It will not be shared in a blog post, unless the sender/contact person agrees to let their email/situation/anything be shared publicly.

Our general preference is not to include any identifying information in blog posts. Note that Richard has heard about some problems many times over, so if a situation sounds familiar but specifics aren't mentioned, it may not be about you.


R3 and the Environment

R3 Remedies is always looking for ways to be better stewards of our planet.

For our containers, we haven't found a fully biodegradable option that offers long-term stability and suitability amidst sunlight and water. We'd rather ship you a container that will last, so you can use our refill bags and help the environment that way. If you have a packaging suggestion that can help us improve, we'd love to hear it.

When we offer products from other vendors, product packaging isn't up to us. Our #1 consideration when picking these products is the likelihood that they will help you.


Affiliate Items

We don't do this yet. But others do, and we might change our minds, so...

Someday, we may offer products we like via affiliate marketing links that take you to someone else's web site. It's a way to get you good stuff that we couldn't offer you otherwise. It also makes us some money, though it's not very much. If we include an affiliate item, it's because we like it.

Disclosing our affiliations on any page that uses those links is just basic ethics. If we start offering affiliate items, we're going to do that. 

If you order products from another web site, their policies apply. We'll choose our affiliates carefully, but it will be your responsibility to understand those policies.


Use of this site, and other Remarkable Redwood Remedies electronic communications, indicates your acceptance of these terms. We may feel a need to change these disclosures at some point; if we do, we'll let our subscribers know.