Molly's Cream by Be Rooted Botanicals – Remarkable Redwood Remedies
Molly's Cream by Be Rooted Botanicals

Molly's Cream by Be Rooted Botanicals

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"I carry a lot of heavy stuff, and I ain’t gettin’ any younger. When it hurts, I put this stuff on and the pain goes away - quickly."

We sell Be Rooted Botanicals CBD Arnica Cream because we use it. We like it, and we're confident that you'll like it as much as we do.

The people we know use this cream for recovery from bodybuilding, gardening, hiking, martial arts, mountain biking, kayaking... or whatever floats your boat.

Hauling loads at work? Computer giving you carpal tunnel or other hand pain?

This cream is the ticket.

Many of you had already figured this out. You've been using Arnica creams for a long time to relieve your pains and aches. Adding CBD and a proprietary herbal mix gives this cream extra oomph, for those times when you really need to feel better.

As researchers from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy put it:

"Oral bioavailability of CBD is low and ranges from 6% to 33%.... not ideal for therapeutic delivery. A feasible method of CBD administration in patients for chronic pain relief would be through the transdermal route."

Be smart. Be Rooted. Be relieved.