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Are you looking to get the most out of your personal health? Together, we can help you take the first step toward a better you. 

The National Academy of Sciences and World Health Organization agree that most people have less-than-ideal magnesium levels. This has widespread effects on your personal health.

  • Exercising?
  • Need help sleeping?
  • Feel anxious and stressed? Need a mood lift?
  • Competing at work?
  • Recovering from gardening aches?
  • Just want to relax and get softer skin?

We've got you covered.

Or maybe you suffer from more serious conditions like diabetes, migraines, eczema, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, or cardiac risk, and want to see what our products might do for you.

Our crystals are over 95% food-grade Magnesium Chloride.

Other products advertise themselves as "pure," but have less than 35% magnesium content - and often have ~70% calcium. That should be great for your pipes. And is that really the best you can do for your body?

Don't settle.

Richard has been a go-to source of integrated health information for local people, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities alike. Now, we're online. 

Come on in, and let us help you.

In addition...

Wholesale customer enquiries welcome. We already work with a number of local stores, retail chains, and health/fitness professionals. We've been in business since 2009, and we'd be happy to schedule a demo session, shipments, or whatever you need.

Visit Richard's Roundtable: It's like a personal appointment, without having to get in your car!