CBD-Infused Pure Magnesium Chloride Bath Crystals 12 oz – Remarkable Redwood Remedies
CBD-Infused Pure Magnesium Chloride Bath Crystals 12 oz

CBD-Infused Pure Magnesium Chloride Bath Crystals 12 oz

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“I took a bath, and I could just feel the ache and stress coming out of my body.”

We hear that a lot. If your aches, insomnia, or mood just won't let go, step up to this supercharged version for maximum relief in your baths and footsoaks. We start with our regular 99%+ pure Magnesium Chloride crystals, then add 90 mg of CBD for our large bags.

Note that this CBD product is THC-free - which may be why we have customers who are first responders, truck drivers, etc.

Whatever you're using your magnesium for, you owe it to yourself to use the very best.

Our sun-dried, food-grade Magnesium Chloride is easier to absorb than industrial, cosmetic-grade Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfide).

It costs a bit more.

We think you're worth it.

Not to mention clever for buying the larger bag, and saving $11.50.

Well played... 


To Get Relief

With the supercharged version of our regular products, the answer is going to be: "it depends." 

Sometimes, we just pour 1/3 - 1/2 of the bag into the bath. Sometimes, we add a handful or two of our regular magnesium crystals as well. Sometimes, we just use a handful in a water-saving and time-saving foot soak, while our smartphone plays our favorite music.

Sometimes, it doesn't hurt that much; we just want to treat ourselves.

Ahh, relaxation!