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Lisa, 32, Santa Cruz, CA:

"I used the bath crystals and noticed I didn't want to get out of the water; I felt so good and relaxed. I also noticed that my skin and hair felt so soft. I plan to continue to use these bath crystals."

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Barbara, 86, San Francisco, CA:

"I have had sciatica and arthritis for the last 20 years. Since soaking my feet for 20 minutes a day in magnesium crystals, my pain is almost completely gone. I am swimming again and walking the streets of San Francisco. Thank you for helping to make my life better."

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Doug, 39, Los Angeles, CA:

"Six months ago my doctor diagnosed me with hypertension. The drugs he prescribed to lower my blood pressure made me feel worse. A nutritionist recommended Magnesium and I started soaking my feet in your crystals for about 15 minutes a day. Thanks to the crystals, my blood pressure is normal without using drugs."

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Cia, 10:

"My sister Lauren [age 4] and I use the magnesium bath crystals in our baths. It helps relax us before bed and helps with growing pains. My little sister really loves it because she thinks it's fairy dust!"

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Mrs. L, mother of 3 from Sacremento, CA:

"Last month my family and I were in your town visiting relatives and my 7 year old daughter got another one of her horrible migraine headaches followed by extreme nausea.... My sister wasted no time in buying your magnesium crystals and fixing my daughter a nice relaxing bath. It was like a miracle within 20 minutes of her bath she screamed "mommy I think this stuff is working...I feel a lot better!" She takes a magnesium bath every night before bed and has not had another migraine since we started using your product, we stopped giving her the medicine.... [Our] doctor...

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