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Easy Miracle? He Used to Kick Her, now they Kiss

It nearly broke my heart when a smart, charming lady told me she couldn't sleep with her husband of 60 years any more. Fortunately, I understood the science behind her problem.
Sylvia, who is a retired school teacher, explained: “I love my husband deeply but recently he has developed a condition, our doctor said was 'Restless Leg Syndrome' where unbeknownst to him he would kick me throughout the night.
I explained to Sylvia that had had many patients with similar conditions and found a safe, effective solution in Magnesium Chloride Crystals.
I gave her a small sample bag, enough for  about 6 days  and explained how she would have her husband soak his feet for 10-15 minutes in a small tub of warm water before bed.
She thanked me and left, not quite sure how this small bag of white crystals would stop her husband's nightly restless legs.
I was pretty sure. Magnesium, especially the bioavailable chloride version, has a calming effect on the nervous system. That's part of the reason it's also helpful for anxiety and depression. Her husband would be depending on its anti-spasmodic effects, which extend to both muscles and blood vessels.
That's good news for diabetics too, incidentally.
WebMD says that Restless Leg Syndrome can be caused by neurotransmitter issues, or problems with the central nervous system. They specifically mention magnesium deficiency as a potential cause, and add:
"Any underlying medical conditions, such as anemia, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, kidney disease, thyroid disease, varicose veins, or Parkinson's disease, should be treated. Dietary supplements to correct vitamin or mineral deficiency may be recommended. For some people, these treatments are all that is needed to relieve RLS symptoms."
That isn't surprising to me, because magnesium is an impotant precursor for many neurotransmitters.
So, how did Sylvia's husband do? After all, studies aren't everything, and people are different.
A  week later I got a message on my phone that put a big smile on my face:
“Hi! We are sleeping together again and want to take you out to dinner to thank you.”