Easy Miracle? He Used to Kick Her, now they Kiss

Richard Goldberg

Tags Insomnia, Magnesium, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep, Twitch

It nearly broke my heart when a smart, charming lady told me she couldn't sleep with her husband of 60 years any more. Fortunately, I understood the science behind her problem. Sylvia, who is a retired school teacher, explained: “I love my husband deeply but recently he has developed a condition, our doctor said was 'Restless Leg Syndrome' where unbeknownst to him he would kick me throughout the night.
I explained to Sylvia that had had many patients with similar conditions and found a safe, effective solution...

Sleep is a Huge Gift: Suzy's Enormous Transformation

Richard Goldberg

Tags Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, GABA, Insomnia, Magnesium, NLP, Sleep

"Suzy" (not her real name), a 40ish personal chef, came to see me a while ago about some serious sleeplessness issues. Her problem led me to an interesting journey that married recent research at Walter Reed Hospital with some ideas popularized by my friend John Grinder, one of the co-founders of NLP.
And Suzy? Well, read on...