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Easy Miracle? He Used to Kick Her, now they Kiss

It nearly broke my heart when a smart, charming lady told me she couldn't sleep with her husband of 60 years any more. Fortunately, I understood the science behind her problem. Sylvia, who is a retired school teacher, explained: “I love my husband deeply but recently he has developed a condition, our doctor said was 'Restless Leg Syndrome' where unbeknownst to him he would kick me throughout the night. I explained to Sylvia that had had many patients with similar conditions and found a safe, effective solution...

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I Bet Ya: Marvin's "Miracle" Eye Twitch Cure

I had met “Marvin” at a health club I belong to, about 10 years before this story took place. We were both racquetball players, and we would sometimes play together. Then he moved out of the area to care for his mother, and I hadn’t seen him since. Years later, he comes in to the store saying he’s back in town, but couldn’t play racquetball because of an eye problem...

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Little Molly's Migraines: Spotlight on a Remarkable Recovery

Molly was a delightful 7-year old with a painful problem. And her doctor couldn't help her. But I knew something that could.Molly's mother came to see me several months ago, feeling helpless. Molly's migraines were so bad that she couldn't even go to school. Her pediatrician said she would probably outgrown them, and gave her a prescription for pain medications that made made her violently sick. She had to stop taking them. That's when her mother decided to come talk to me...

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